soluble powder


Each gram contains :

trimethoprim 80 мг

Na 400 mg sulfadiazine

Свойства :

The combination of these two components significantly enhances their effectiveness against bacterial pathogens Gr – and Gr + .

Sulfonamides blocks the conversion of folic acid to its active form in the bacterial cell, trimethoprim increases their activity.


Treatment of various primary and secondary bacterial infections, respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary tract disease, such as: сальмонеллез, colibacillosis, Pasteurellosi , энтерит, микоплазмоз, pneumonia of birds and large animals.


Птица 1 г / 5 liter of water for 5 days

Свиньи 150-250 г / 5 liters of water 4-7 days

large animals 1 г / 15 kg of body weight per day for 5 days

Период ожидания :

Мясо, milk will not be used for human consumption during treatment, and through 5 days after the last administered dose.

Не рекомендуется для яичных курей .


Do not use sovmesno with ftorkinolonamiyu

It is contraindicated in cases of severe liver diseases, kidney disease and Gumboro.

ХРАНЕНИЕ: Store in dry, the dark place at a temperature 15-30 0С.

VAPCO is not responsible for the results, resulting from use of the product after the expiration date.

Для применения в ветеринарии .