Why cows lose milk?!

Why cows lose milk?!

Автор: Postolatiy V.V.. – candidate of veterinary sciences

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Spring-summer diarrhea in cows - increased excretion of liquid feces as a result of switching to green forage. Cow diarrhea is a symptom of various functional and organic diseases., and in some cases is a protective reaction of the body. At the same time, poisonous and irritating substances that have entered the intestines are quickly removed., as well as pathogens.

Owners of horned, to navigate diseases of the digestive system, it is necessary to know the anatomical and physiological features of digestion in ruminants. The stomach of a cow is complex, multi-chamber. Consists of four departments: scar, grid, book and abomasum. In this case, the first three sections are called the proventriculus and only the last one is the abomasum., is a true stomach. The rumen is the largest section of the proventriculus in ruminants.. Its capacity in cows is 300 and more liters. In a cow, a scar occupies the entire left half of the abdomen.. The mucous membrane of the scar has no glands, lined with a flat keratinized from the surface of the stratified epithelium and forms many different sizes of papillae, having a length of up to 1cm. Due to them, a very rough scar surface is created.. There is a net behind the stomach, which is a small rounded bag. The mucous membrane of the mesh does not have glands and protrudes into the mesh in the form of lamellar folds, which have a height of up to 12mm. Coming together with each other, they form grid cells, honeycomb. The mesh is communicated by the hole with the scar and the book, as well as with the esophagus - the esophagus. There is a book behind the net, lying in the right hypochondrium. The book has a rounded shape. One side, it serves as a continuation of the grid, and on the other- passes into the abomasum. The mucous membrane of the book forms folds of various lengths, which are called leaves or plates. Abomasum - is a true stomach. The abomasum is elongated in the shape of a curved pear, its thickened base is connected to the book, and the tapering, the part curved at the end - the pylorus - passes into the duodenum. There are glands in the mucous membrane of the abomasum.

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The main cause of diarrhea in cows is non-compliance by owners, rules of feeding and maintenance. Very often, diarrhea occurs in cows when the owners change the feed., to which the cows did not have time to get used to (abrupt transition of cows from winter ration to summer ration on the pasture of animals), when feeding animals poor-quality and spoiled feed. When introducing a large amount of watery feed into the diet: silos, went, root crops, kitchen waste, with monotonous and inadequate feeding (lack or excess of proteins, carbohydrates, жиров, mineral substances, vitamin deficiency). Almost every cow poisoning is accompanied by symptoms of diarrhea. (poisoning of animals with fluoride compounds, oilcakes, castor oil, buttercups, milkweed, corn, beetroot and beet tops, potatoes and potato tops, table salt, etc.). Diarrhea in a cow can be caused by an excess of boron in the animal's body.. Diarrhea in cows can be a symptom of the disease in many infectious diseases (tuberculosis, paratuberculosis, anthrax, chlamydia, пастереллез, Schmalenberg disease, rotavirus infection of cattle and others). With helminthic diseases (moniesiosis, fasciolez). Diseases of the digestive system - gastritis, энтерит, gastroenteritis, enterocolitis. Blood parasitic diseases (bovine babesiosis, pyroplasmosis of cattle). When using products to combat harmful insects (bovine hypodermosis). Pathology of the postpartum period (retention of placenta, endometritis, eating manure). The clinical picture of diarrhea (pride) at the cow. Cow owners report decreased appetite, up to refusal to eat. The cow develops severe diarrhea, feces become liquid and unformed, there is an admixture of mucus and blood in the feces. Body temperature rises, only with severe dehydration can it decrease in a cow. In the absence of timely treatment, we note severe dehydration and emaciation of the cow.. The abdomen is painful on palpation. On auscultation of the abdomen, the veterinarian notes increased intestinal motility and rumbling sounds. Milk productivity and fat content in milk are sharply reduced.

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Prevention of diarrhea in cows is based on strict observance of zootechnical rules of feeding and keeping by the owners of cows. The diet must be balanced in all nutrients (feeding highly productive animals). Must not be used in cow feed with moldy, frozen and rotten food. The transfer of cows from winter-stall keeping to pasture should take place gradually over 10 days, starting from a 2-hour pasture and gradually bring it to the approved daily routine. Before pasture, cows must be given roughage. (hay, straw). Highly effective drug Gumivet, having a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, simultaneously performing the role of a powerful sorbent and a prebiotic. Giving it inside at a dose of 200 g per head mixed with concentrates for 10 days before spring pasture reliably prevents diarrhea and loss of precious liters of milk, and the owners of the cows from the extra financial costs. Do not graze cows on wet grass, and also slightly frozen, especially in autumn because. it causes gastroenteritis in cows. For the prevention of infectious diseases, with symptoms of diarrhea, it is necessary to regularly carry out appropriate vaccinations against these diseases. For the prevention of parasitic diarrhea - deworming. Before driving the cows to the pasture, it must be examined for the presence of poisonous plants, if they are found, take measures to destroy them.

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