Prestarter feed for piglets

Prestarter feed for piglets

the best results from the first days of life

prestarter provides:
– Formation and development of the digestive system
– The development of the enzymatic activity of gastric juice
and juices the digestive tract glands
– Additional nutrients for pigs
during suction
– Schooling to roughage, stress relief at
weaning and changing the type of feeding
– The high growth rate after weaning
– Maximum effectiveness
nutritious food substances

Ecla3C pigs

With proper feeding pigs, From the very beginning of life, we ensure maximum efficiency in the subsequent cultivation, revealing the maximum potential genetic animal.

The composition of feed includes Ecla 3C ZnO: extruded wheat, whey powder, wheat, barley, thermally treated soybean meal, pea and potato protein concentrate, calcium carbonate, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, monocalcium phosphate, salt, vitamin complex, mineral complex, amino acids, herbal extracts.

Mode of application:

Ecla3C graph growth


Qualitative indicators

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