Concentrate for piglets after weaning 15%

This type of concentrate is collected in domestic conditions of the components of French origin, таких как:

  • premix Nutristar 0.5% France
  • Ajinomoto lysine France
  • methionine Adiseo France
  • Phosphate monokalytsiya Timac Agro France

as well as domestic fillers (purified and calibrated limestone, wheat, sodium-balansiruyushtie additives and others.). Using high quality components allows to achieve maximum results at the best price.

Concentrate is specially balanced for use in growing pigs at the most sensitive time in their lives, period following weaning until 20-25 kg body weight. Is a professional solution for farmers, It is sufficiently profitable, since the composition contains high-quality components:


  • vysokolaktozny dry milk replacer
  • vysokousvoyaemoy substitute for fishmeal
  • zinc oxide
  • enzyme complex
  • monokaltsyyfosfat
  • vitamin-mineral premix Nutristar
  • podkislitely
  • antioxidant-immunocorrector
  • mycotoxins sorbent
  • flavoring
  • European amino acids
  • etc.

The norm of the input concentrate is 15% of the total weight of feed. Piglets, at this age do not consume a lot of food and the cost of the premix is ​​not strongly felt, and the result of feeding quite noticeable in the future, may allow significantly reduce the period of fattening. Reducing the fattening period you will spend less feed on growing your pets, respectively decreased by feeding costs.

Qualitative indicators

Before ordering the goods specify the availability of stock from our operators, using a form of online communication or by phone specified in section "Our contacts"

Before using this concentrate consult with our experts on the correctness of your diet to balancing nutrient. This service is free when you purchase goods from site and allow you to identify possible weaknesses of the current diet and further optimize it.

High-quality and properly sized premix in conjunction with a balanced diet will make you harder to uncover the genetic potential of your pets. As a consequence, reduce the period of feeding and maintenance costs, bird will be less susceptible to disease and will show maximum productivity.