Major diseases of rabbits and their control

Major diseases of rabbits and their control

Prevention of diseases. Any disease is easier to prevent, than to liquidate. To prevent the disease of rabbits, you must strictly comply with simple rules.
Bought another farm rabbits first three weeks kept in a separate room. If after that time not one of them will be sick, bought the rabbits can be placed together with the other, but in different cells.
Besides the general cleaning and disinfection of premises thorough disinfection is carried out before cells kindling, before each transfer rabbits.
once every 10 days disinfect feeders, drinkers, nurseries and other equipment. The disinfecting solution should cover the entire surface, to penetrate into all the cracks.
Be sure to disinfect the cells and the appearance of the premises of an infectious disease. When carrying out disinfection should be considered, that different pathogens respond differently to disinfectants. Therefore, it is necessary to use the tool, detrimental effect on the specific pathogen. These means are indicated in the description of Infectious Diseases.
You can not disinfect the alkalis and acids, the metal parts of cells, as the metal on them corrodes. You can not disinfect acids cement floor. Metal parts of cells and equipment pour boiling water or burned by fire blowtorch.
cells, кормушки, drinkers clean, and if necessary, cleaned daily.
We must carefully inspect each animal before tupping, okrolom, after kindling, rabbits, on the second day after kindling, before jigging, further, every 10-15 days.
Healthy rabbit has a cheerful appearance, a good appetite, mobile, coat his brilliant, not disheveled, eyes and nose clean, the number of breaths at a moderate temperature of 50-60 air per minute, temperature from 38.5 to 39.5 bodies city., heart rate (pulse) - 120-160 per minute.
When animal diseases or in case of an urgent cause mortality veterinary specialist. animals, infected with ringworm, infectious coryza, mastitis and other infectious diseases, best just to score. This is the most effective measure to combat the spread of infection.
We can not allow, to the room, which contains rabbits, vodilis rodents: they spread infectious diseases. Often floors rabbits bite to death.
The room must be maintained clean air, avoiding drafts.

Non-contagious disease of origin. The most common diseases of rabbits are gastrointestinal. If rabbits 20-30 days of age do not have enough breast milk, they slowly start to eat roughage, designed for mothers. On the delicate mucous membranes of the digestive organs are formed wound, there is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines. The same disease can also occur in adult rabbits by eating low-quality forages, large amounts of legumes, with a dirty animal welfare.
Symptoms of the disease - the frequent selection of soft or liquid faeces, covered with slime, intestinal or gastric distention, otsutstvie ispražnenij. Often constipation is replaced by diarrhea. The general condition of the animal depressed, decreases, and then lost appetite. When swellings rabbit often die within 2-3 days.
Лечение. Rabbits 12-20 hours kept on a starvation diet, and then begin gradually to give fresh, soft food (best steamed feed mixed with boiled potatoes) and carry out the following treatment:
constipation are inside or 3-5 g of Glauber's salt or Carlsbad 1-1.5 teaspoon castor oil; triturated stomach 5 percent solution of edible salt (1 a teaspoon to a glass of water), put an enema of warm, slightly soapy water; let sick rabbit run. After the rabbit proslabit, he is given oatmeal broth, red carrots;
with bloating (timpanni) 5-8 are inside ml of a 10 percent solution ihtiola, gently rubbing the belly, uncage;
ponose- at 1-2 times a day are inside sintomitsina (by 0,1 г) and a decoction of oak bark (1-2 teaspoons). From succulent fodder yield only a small amount of carrots and herbs. Oats lightly toasted. Summer give some good, soft hay.
If the diarrhea appeared in rabbits, we must take one tablet sintomitsina (0,5 г), breed in 2 l lukewarm clean water and the solution was to solder the sick rabbits twice a day, pouring it into his mouth with two teaspoons (in the morning and in the evening). On the day the solution is poured into sintomitsina drinkers. Usually, on the second or third day of treatment is stopped diarrhea.
Quite frequent diseases, especially in overcrowded content of rabbits, with faults in the cells, injuries are, wounds, fractures. When minor injuries painful swelling of the injured spot usually disappears after a few days. With strong bruises, when broken skin integrity, formed wounds. Superficial wounds smeared with iodine, in this case the animal, usually, recovering. With deep wounds, particularly penetrating into the chest or abdominal cavity, rabbits often die. These rabbits should immediately score. The treatment is advantageously carried out, if the rabbit is very valuable.
After contact with the rabbit foot into the slot or under strong impact can be broken. Despite the fact that the rabbit with a broken can live long, treat it makes no sense economically.
If the damage of the spine treatment is useless, Rabbit need to score.
In extreme cold cells with poor insulation may rabbits ears frostbite. When the swelling rubbing frostbitten places, Rabbit transferred to a warm place. Then frosted parts lubricated with any internal melted fat.
Solar and thermal shocks occur from direct sunlight on hot days, and the body from overheating when the content in stuffy, unventilated areas, especially at high humidity. The rabbit is often breathe, mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, reddened eyelids, He pulled on his stomach or on his side and lay motionless. Very often, this results in death of the animal. But if that diseased animals to be moved to a cool place, put on his head soaked in cold water cloth, which is cooled in water every 4-5 minutes, rabbit mozheg recover. When convulsive twitches treated limbs useless, Rabbit need to quickly score.
The content of the rabbits in areas with drafts, rain leads to colds. Rabbit nasal stands clear or turbid liquid, rabbit sneezes. If you quickly eliminate the causes of the disease, Rabbit can recover. Sick rabbit was placed in a heat-insulated room, improve feeding, especially vitamin feed. Daily in each nostril instill 3-5 drops of 1 percent solution furatsilina (в 100 g of warm water diluted 1 d drugs) million penicillin solution, comprising 20 thousand. units in 1 мл. Animals considered to be cured, two weeks after the disappearance of signs of disease.
meat rabbits, recover from non-communicable diseases, used without restrictions.

infectious disease rabbits are caused by pathogens invisible to the naked eye or cutaneous, and dwell in the bodies of internal parasites.

The most dangerous disease krolikov-myxomatosis in rabbits. This acute disease flowing ends in most cases, death. He proceeds in two forms. When nodular form of the animal body there are tumor the size of a pea or slightly larger, the edematous form tumors coalesce into a continuous swelling.
Tumor-miksoty appear most frequently on the head (nose, bridge, mouth, eyelids, ears), paws, genital organs and the anus. Simultaneously, inflamed mucous membranes of the eyes. ears down, animal in the edematous form gets ugly view. After 5-10 days the animal dies.
The disease spreads rapidly, it is passed not only rabbits to each other, but also rodents, blood-sucking parasites. In case of illness it is necessary to immediately notify a veterinarian. All sick animals immediately slaughtered and burned along with the skin. Ill animals remain virus carriers, they infect healthy animals, so they also must be destroyed.
Places of detention and slaughter rabbits disinfect the 3-percent solution of sodium hydroxide or formaldehyde, 5-percent solution of Lysol or bleach. Rabbit manure is buried to a depth of not less than 1 m, breeder's clothes should be boiled for at least an hour.

Rhinitis-zarazny runny nose, or pasteurellosis. Sick and young, and adult rabbits.
evidence. Start or purulent mucus from the nose, rabbit sneezes, state of depression, the temperature rises to 41 city., sometimes there is diarrhea, on pads formed comb-over (hairs sticking pa inside of the forelegs from falling on them from the nose after).
Sick rabbits are isolated immediately, thoroughly disinfected cells 10-20 percent solution of bleach; you can burn the cage fire blowtorch. Pathogen die quickly, but in the manure it can be stored up to one month, the corpses of the fallen in the rabbits up to three months. Therefore, the manure from the cell and the body is required to burn.
Лечение. Every day in each nostril of the patient is administered a rabbit of 4-5 drops of a 1 percent solution of penicillin or furatsilina (в 1 мл 20 thousand. units), improve the conditions of feeding and housing.
In the absence of nasal secretion during 20 days Rabbits are considered healthy, but they remain carriers of the pathogen, which is excreted in the feces. Therefore rabbits after three weeks of recovery after a better score. animals, not recovered within 14 days, kill.
The meat had been ill rabbits, slaughtered after the 20-day exposure, It can be used in food. Affected parts of carcasses destroyed. Carcasses of dead animals is fed to other animals after boiling for an hour.

infectious stomatitis (wet snout). Ill mostly young in age of 20-90 days.
evidence. Redness of the mucous membrane of language, lips, nasal cavity, then at these places there is a white film, later ulcers and severe drooling. Moistened with saliva resulting in the mandible hair stick, the constant action of saliva skin becomes red and inflamed, at this point the hair falls out. Rabbits often die.
If treatment is started immediately after the detection of the disease, Rabbits recover in 2-3 days. For the treatment of the oral cavity of a rabbit 1-2 times a day lubricated 2 percent aqueous solution of copper sulfate. So easier to treat stomatitis: poltabletki white streptotsida crushed in a teaspoon and fill up sick rabbit in his mouth, 8-10 hours to give the second half of the tablet. it, usually, it is enough to treat.
If the disease is started, it is necessary to apply both of the above-described method, first lubricate the copper sulfate solution, then fill streptocid.
Sick rabbits given soft food, very useful to give 1-2 tablespoons yogurt.
Cell disinfected with boiling lye or working on fire blowtorch. You can disinfect the cage 1-2-percent solution of sodium hydroxide or formaldehyde.
The rabbit is considered to be healthy, if within two weeks he did not show signs of disease. The meat used in food without restrictions.
Infektsionnыy mastitis-zabolevanie lactating females, which occurs most often in the first half of lactation. When the disease becomes red and solidifies udder, which appear pustules and sores. To prevent the disease, Rabbits should be kept clean, on a soft cloth, regularly check, if there is enough milk in the mother, to rabbits did not bite and do not hurt the nipple. For the treatment of invited experts. Female with advanced disease better score. The meat of the slaughtered animal used in food is not recommended. After provarivaniya it can be fed to other animals.

coccidiosis caused by pathogens, are only killed at a temperature of 80-100 deg., chemical means it does not apply. Pathogens are excreted with the feces of the animal patient, They are in the life of the state up to six days. During this time, once in the digestive tract of a healthy animal, they cause disease. Ill mostly young in age of 1.5-4 months.
Symptoms of the disease. Rabbits lose their appetite, wilt, lose weight, appears pale mucous membranes, sometimes jaundice, often observed bloating and diarrhea. Often animals are killed, especially youngsters under the age of two months. With the opening of the patient animal severely impaired liver, thereon visible nodules size from millet grain to a pea.
Radical treatments for coccidiosis rabbits yet. This disease can be prevented, if the following rules: rabbit cells contain a slatted floor, which is not delayed cal; maintain cleanliness in the feeders; summer day, in winter you can in a day, thoroughly clean the cells from feces and uneaten food; periodically (once every 10 days) cells disinfected by boiling or scalding flame of a blowtorch; avoid contamination feces feed, Why feed set only in a manger; the room should always be dry; Drinkers should be regularly cleaned and replaced more frequently in their water; not to feed a large number of pulses, bran and acidic marsh grasses. These feeds create conditions in the body for rapid multiplication of coccidiosis pathogen.
Recover from coccidiosis rabbits are carriers of the pathogen, so these rabbits in the herd is better not to leave. The meat had been ill rabbits can be used in food.

Spirochaetosis-zabolevanie extends mating with patients Rabbit. The causative agent is stored with food, with podstilkoj. When the disease is genital male or female, often around the anus, appear redness and swelling, descendants of the expiry of the genital organs. Form bleeding ulcers.
The disease can last for several years and result in recovery. Overall condition hardly changes rabbits, but female patients have reduced fertility and birth of weak rabbits. To prevent the disease, before each tupping carefully examine the genitals of rabbits. Sick rabbit need to score. Meat used as an ordinary, the affected area is cut out and destroy.
For the treatment of invited experts. Cells were disinfected 1-2 percent solution of sodium hydroxide.

Scabies ticks, which the, hitting the skin of animals and humans, It can cause irritation and itching. In the rabbit mites are parasitic on the inner surface of the ear, the scalp, They feed on blood.
Symptoms of the disease. There are small skin wounds, redness, slight swelling, then there are small bubbles; the liquid flowing out of them wither, formed scabs. Sometimes mites get into the ear, causing complications. Rabbits lose their appetite, exhausted and perish.
Лечение. Corky plentifully moisten with turpentine; after they soak, they should be removed with tweezers, put in a jar and then burned. After 4-5 days, repeat the treatment. Immediately after the first treatment procedure disinfect the cage and equipment, washing with 5 percent solution creolin.
animal meat used without restrictions, skin within a month are stored separately from other, then use.
pediculosis appears when the dirty contents of rabbits. Rabbit louse parasite only in rabbits and hares. The most susceptible weakened rabbits.
Symptoms of the disease. At the site of the bite there are red dots, small swelling. Rabbit combing the affected areas to the blood, that withers, forming a crust; he loses appetite, lose weight. A careful examination of the skin visible small crawling insects.
To treat rabbit is taken out of the room in a box at a distance of not less than 40 m from the pasture or premises, where the cells are placed on rabbits, and rubbing the wool against rabbit body one of the following drugs:
DDT tobacco dust or leaf mashed with naphthalene in equal amounts. Shake off excess powder with rabbit stroking his hair.
After processing the rabbit was placed in a cage, thoroughly cleaned from manure. An hour stay rabbit in a cage it abundantly watered boiled water or hot ash lye.
The meat is used, as usual, skins and feathers are stored separately for a month.

The main thing to know that any problem prevention is better than cure. Site recommends that the entire package of measures for the prevention of diseases, despite the possible increase in costs. Remember, that the complex of treatment measures, usually it comes out more expensive than prevention.

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