premix 0019 for sows in the gestation phase 2,5%

premix 0019 for sows in the gestation phase 2,5%

This pre-mix is ​​part of the range of premixes for pigs from the brand NUTRISTAR France. Designed for optimum balanced feed for pregnant sows.

The inclusion rate 2,5% or 25 kg per ton of final feed.

This premix is ​​optimally balanced and complementary feed essential vitamins and minerals, micro and macro elements, and also it has a composition and phytase enzyme complexes, allowing sows:

  • recover after farrowing
  • increase immunity
  • quickly come to hunt
  • make a healthy and high-quality offspring
Qualitative indicators

The optimum and well-balanced feed is very important during pregnancy, it allows you to get the maximum benefit from the sow – increasing the number of quality piglets per year. Piglets, well developed even in the embryonic period, They are rapidly gaining weight and will be able to reach marketable weight.

Before ordering the goods specify the availability of stock from our operators, using a form of online communication or by phone specified in section "Our contacts"

When using the premix is ​​necessary to ensure proper storage and good quality of the product mixed with forage,ru. The premix is ​​packed in polypropylene bags with gusset sticker, on bags marked logos of the manufacturer and a label with instructions and detailed composition for review.

nutristar bag